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Welcome to Shuz Tung Machinery!

SHUZ TUNG Machinery, founded in 1978, is your best solution for metal machining and forming equipment. Since, our experience and capabilities in industries such as bicycle, automobile, medicine and health have grown with each machine sold. We are proud of the more than 1,000 models we have shipped around the world including single function machinery, multi-function machinery, and full plant manufacturing systems.

Shuz Tung manufactures various kinds of top quality cnc pipe bender, bike production machinewheel assembling machine, cnc pipe bender machine and auto cell welding robot backed up by factory floor planning services, and employee education and training services. Technical consultants will recommend the best cnc tube bender and cnc pipe benders given the type and scale of your business.

Shuz Tung thanks all our satisfied customers for your continued support. We promise to continue developing even more innovative machinery, and continue giving you the best service possible. Visit the links below for more information about cnc tube bender and cnc pipe bending machines, and then make the right choice for better efficiency. If you have any question or demand, please feel free to leave your message and contact us for further details at anytime.

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