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Bending Machine for Pipes & Tubes

Auto Bending Machine Semi Auto Bending Machine Special Customer Bendeing Machine

Bike Production Machine

For Pre-Preparation For Fork Preparation For Front Fork Process For Frame Assembling For Wheel / Rim Making For Bike Assembling For EN Tester For Handlebar Process For Fixture

End Forming Machinery

Pipe Shape Forming Machine Pipe End Forming Machine Pipe End Processing Machine

Electronic Equipment

Automated Dispenser Series
Double Fluid Dispenser
Automated Dispenser
Dispenser for Automobile Industry
3-Axis Automated Servo Dispenser
Single Fluid Glue Dispenser
Laser Marker Series Equipment for Semiconductor Equipment for Optical Communication Single Mechanism of Automated Equipment

Robotic Arm For Welding

Hydroforming OEM

Application Equipments
Electronic Machinery & Equipment

Dispenser for Automobile Industry
4-Axis Automated Dispenser of Lighting - SDS-8001

Suitable Industries

Automobile lamps, rear mirrors, engine box etc.

Dispensing about sport articles etc.

Others: toy industry, pearls and jewels industry and dispensing of semi-finished goods etc.

Features and Benefits

Specification of Machine

Item Specification
Working route
X-axis: 520mm (as request)
Y-axis: 520mm (as request)
Z-axis: 100mm (as request)
θ-axis: ±50°
PTP(X,Y): 5~500mm/sec
PTP(Z): 2.5~200mm/sec
CP(Y,Z): 0.1~5000mm/sec
Moving speed In-line : X-axis, Y-axis 500mm/sec
In-line: Z-axis 250mm/sec
Control In-line (3-axis), In-curve (2-axis)
Method of instruction Keyboard
Controlled axis 3-axis simultaneously
Accuracy Repeating X, Y, Z-axis ±0.02mm/±0.10mm
Load of Z-axis 10kg
Air pressure 1~7kg/cm2
Material Supply OFF-LINE
Height of workingtable 880±20mm
Weight 1000kg
Size (LxWxH) 1640x1120x2270 (mm)

Specification of Controller

Item Specification
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ single-phrase 20A
Mode of Drive X, Y, Z, θAC servo motor
Program System Win98
Transmission of file RS232-C2ch (1ch option)
I/O IN: 20, OUT: 8 (24 I/O option)
Harddiscs Capacity 30GB
Software Capacity 1.44MB
Monitor 15"color